Missguided Active – Booty Building Routine

IMG_0198IMG_0199Black Cross Back Sports Bra-£10/Black Mesh Panel Leggings-£15

I adore this two piece. I’m sure you all know how much I love black so it was really refreshing for a company to sell some understated workout gear because normally active-wear’s a bit too in your face for my liking. I’ve been thrilled with the quality of the collection too, especially considering how affordable it is. The leggings are really thick/not see-through at all and the sports bra is super supportive so there’s no need to wear another bra underneath.

For the second part of my Missguided Active collaboration I’ll be taking you through one of my booty-building routines. As I’m aware a lot of us feel like we don’t have time to go to the gym every day I wanted to share some of my home booty workouts. When it comes to glutes I always find it best to do lots of low rep sets. I’ll choose from a combination of exercises and join them together to make a small routine that can then be repeated 3-5 times.

Squats x10

Walking Lunges x20 (10 each leg)

Hip thrusters x20

Fire Hydrants x20 (10 each leg)

Jump Squats x10

Kickbacks x20 (10 each leg)

Repeat this circuit 3-5 times for best results.

I’m sure you’re probably all aware of most of these exercises but Fire Hydrants are a new one for me. I’ve done them for years but never knew what they were called! So here’s a lovely lady with a very hot bod to demonstrate.
glutes fire hydrant gif

If you have weights accessible at home it’ll be beneficial to use them. I recommend putting weights in both hands while squatting & during walking lunge. A weight over your hips during hip thrusters and ankle weights for both fire hydrants, kickbacks and jumping squats.

The only other advice I have for you all is to make sure you squeeze your glutes in every exercise. It can be difficult to isolate your booty because your legs quite often take the strain instead. So try to tense your bum as much as you can during these exercises.

When I’m training glutes I like to listen to fairly angry music, I’m not really sure why, I guess it just gets me worked up!

My top five booty training tracks- 

Foo Fighters – The Pretender 

RHCP – Give It Away

Biffy Clyro – Get Fucked Stud

Foo Fighters- Breakout

White Lies – A Place To Hide

Please don’t hesitate to leave any comments below and don’t forget Part 3 will be coming soon including one of my ab training routines! <3



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