Out of The Black


I’ve been wearing black and only black for almost three years now. I’ve recently re-introduced denim to my wardrobe, which you’ll see on the blog soon (baby steps). For some reason, in my head denim isn’t a colour. “It’s not blue, it’s denim” is what I keep telling myself.

It’s strange because I never made a conscious effort to wear all black, it just kind of happened. I’ve never been outrageous with the colours. I was a bit of a tom-boy when I was young so I’ve never been a fan of pinks and purples. I used to wear a bit of colour then ended up wearing just black and white for a while and now just black. Ever since Dylan was diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Failure I haven’t felt happy enough to wear any other colour.

I love my black wardrobe but denim’s crept back in and I get the feeling neutral tones aren’t too far off. The thing is, even though you wouldn’t be able to tell from my clothes, I love grey/white/beige/camel/nude tones so much! I think they’re gorgeous and one day I’ll definitely go back.

For the mean time I thought I’d do a little browsing online and share my favourite non-black pieces with you. So this is really a wishlist of what I would/will wear when I’m out of the black.


 Grey Culotte Jumpsuit – ASOS / Camel Jumper – ASOS / Tie Waist Jumpsuit – ASOS

Grey Pocket Skirt – ASOS / Grey Culotte Shorts – ASOS / Nude Tailored Jumpsuit – ASOS

Pocket Jumpsuit – ASOS / Suede Vest – Missguided / Grey Ribbed Skirt – ASOS
WHITEBOARDCut-out Culotte Jumpsuit – ASOS / Tailored Culottes – ASOS / Pocket Lace-up Blouse – ASOS

Plain White Shirt – ASOS / Cut-out Dress – Boohoo / Shell Top – ASOS

Lace-up Playsuit – ASOS / V-neck Vest – ASOS / Sheer Panel Shorts – ASOS



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