What I Did In The Gym Today – Back

If you follow me on Instagram you might have seen the new fitness series I talked about on my latest post. I’ve decided to keep what can be best described as a workout diary on my blog. Half so you guys can see what I’m up to/try it out yourself, and half to keep me motivated.

Today we trained back. Five different exercises, four sets per exercise. I’ve tried to include examples of the exercises from bodybuilding.com so you can see what they look like and the proper form.

1st Exercise – Lat Pulldowns

1x warm up set of 19kg for 10 reps

3x 26kg for 8 reps

2nd Exercise – Seated Cable Rows

1x 10 reps 26kg

1x 6 reps 33kg

1x 4 reps 40kg

1x Drop Set 1 rep 47kg / 6 reps 33kg / 12 reps 19kg

The 3rd and 4th exercises are done one after another without a break in between. So third exercise + fourth exercise = 1 set then you rest, then do another set of third + fourth together.. hope that makes sense.

3rd Exercise – Straight Arm Pulldown // 4th Exercise – Standing Cable Row*

1x 10 reps 12.5kg // 10 reps 12.5kg

3x 8 reps 17.5kg // 8 reps 15kg

*I can’t find standing cable row on the bodybuilding.com website but it’s the same movement as the seated cable row (If I’m ever brave enough to record myself in the gym I’ll show you).

5th Exercise – One Handed Lat Row (There’s no eg for this one either but it’s pretty much the same as the one I’ve linked but with an underhand grip instead of over.)

1x 10 reps 10kg (per arm)

3x 8 reps 12.5kg (per arm)

The end  yayyyyyyyy.

I’m going to be in London for the next few days so probably won’t get the chance to be in the gym, the next entry will most probably be Sunday. Let me know if you’ve found this helpful and if there are any back exercises you recommend.

Please do remember that everyone has a different ability in regards to weight. Some people will need to do lighter/heavier than I’ve done today so make sure you choose something suitable for you!

Oh and stretch.

And drink lots of water.

I think that’s it…

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