Pink Ladies

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Sabo Skirt – Pink Co-Ord / Wildfox – Sunglasses / Urban Outfitters – Converse

As much as I’d like to say I’ve been somewhat of a tomboy for my whole life, it simply isn’t true. For the majority, sure. But there was a time when I was around four years old that I wanted nothing more than to be Barbie. I’d wear pink all the time and tell everyone I met that my name was Barbie, I even told my parents I wouldn’t answer unless they called me Barbie. That phase passed and there wasn’t another pink infatuation until I first watched Grease. Something about Rizzo left a mark on me, I was dying to be a Pink Lady.

I’m not sure what happened to that pretty pink little girl but it obviously stuck somewhere in my subconscious because here I am almost sixteen years later in a surprisingly pink get-up. You might have seen my recent post “Out of the Black” where I talked about why I wear black all the time. I’m definitely not happy enough to prance around in pink all day every day but I’m beginning to have those moments. Dylan’s passing has been a very “black time” for me but the more I think about him the more he reminds me how short life is. It may be a superficial example but life is definitely too short not to wear what you want when you want.


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