PJ Days


Nude Satin Teddy / Grey Wrap Teddy / Pink Stripe Wrap

Little Pizza My Heart Set / Black Satin Teddy / No One Will Hug Me Nightshirt

Blush Satin PJ Set / Pink Stripe Robe / Grey Stripe Cami Set

For me December is the month of celebrations; my birthday, Christmas, New Years. But the one novelty of December I really can’t wait for… “PJ days”. The cold weather and school holidays are the best excuse to snuggle under a blanket with your family and friends and do nothing but watch films and eat chocolate. The best part is, it’s so miserable outside you can’t even feel bad about it.

As always I’m browsing the internet for this years most glamorous and snuggly PJ day ensembles. I will admit, I don’t normally start searching until November but Missguided have just launched their first range of PJ’s and they are so adorable I felt I needed to share. The best part is they’re all priced from £10-£30, with the majority falling in the £10-£20 category, result.

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