20 Great Christmas Gifts That Won’t Break The Bank

Some of them are cute, some of them are silly but they’re all great and they’re all under £20!cute

For the Animal Lovers-

Elephant Trinket Holder – £8 It’s no surprise that I’m drawn to anything elephant but this cute little guy is just too sweet. A great gift for any elephant lover.

Pug In A Mug – £6 As the nation’s obsession with pugs grows so does the amount of novelty pug related items and I’m really not complaining.

Elephant Letter Organiser and Key Holder – £20 Again with the elephants, I know, I know. I love this so much I think I’m going to buy it for myself. Merry Christmas to me. drinkers

For The Drinkers-

Spin The Shot – £12 Like spin the bottle but a bit more intense!

Trust Me You Can Dance Hip Flask – £12 This is a super relevant gift for my best friend so I’m sure it will be super relevant for some of yours too.

The Little Book Of Drinking Games – £5.99 I bought this book as a gift a few years ago and I still find someone to buy it for every year, you just can’t go wrong. mugs2For the Cute Mug Collectors-

Support Bras Mug – £12 If you know someone who could do with a morning pick-me-up.

Skull and Biscuit Mug – £12 As soon as I saw this I thought of Yanin, and lets be honest, if Yanin would like it it’s definitely cool.

Girl Boss Mug – £9 I don’t feel like I need to give this one any explanation.
mugsFor the Not So Cute Mug Collectors-

I Fucking Love You Mug – £7.99 Ok, this one is still cute.

I’m A Twat Mug – £5 This one’s not so cute. Maybe take it out of the box and disguise it as “just a good sized plain mug, like you wanted”…

For Fox Sake Mug – £5 Definitely buying this one for my dad.

The Unt Mug – £9.99 La pièce de résistance of all offensive mugs. Perfect for someone you think’s a bit of a UNT.


For the Travelers-

My Bucket List Journal – £20 A guide to all things Bucket List. Write your own Bucket List in and see what other people thought of the things they’ve already crossed off theirs.

My Scratch Map – £14.99 Where have you been in the world? Warning: will probably make you want to go travelling. 

How To Swear Around The World – £8.99 The most useful information we’ve all been missing.

Travelogue Journal – £18.95 A more portable version of the Scratch Map. You can scratch off where you’ve already been but it also gives you recommendations of where to go and what to see in each country.


For the Novelty-

Obama Llama – £19.99 I’ll be honest, I’m not 100% sure how you’re supposed to play this bizarre celebrity rhyming game but it’s called Obama Llama so I was drawn to it.

16″ Air Hockey Table – £16 Another completely unnecessary gift but I mean who wouldn’t want a table top Air Hockey table?

Emoji Pillows – £19.99 So. Bloody. Cute. I could buy one of these for everyone and I’m pretty sure everyone would love it. Even my dad loves emoji’s!

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