Are You Ready For Anything?



I was up early on Thursday morning for a surprise with Clinique as part of their #ImIn campaign. Leanne and I were up at 4:30am getting ourselves ready for anything! We were told we needed to be in active wear, everything else was a mystery.

We made our way down to the hotel reception at 5:30 where a black cab was waiting to take us to our surprise. We were given a bag full of hints, headphones, sunglasses, a whistle! Then all was revealed, we were on our way to a morning rave!

We quickly prepped with a sweep of Pep Start Eye Cream and set off.


It was an incredible experience, I’ve never known anything like it. We made our way in, greeted by a team of cheerleaders. It was crazy to see 500 Londoners had filled an underground warehouse at 6am for a fitness/dance session before work!

This wasn’t any ordinary rave. There were cheerleaders, photo-booths, an orchestra, and to top it all off, a woman who resembled Jessica Rabbit doing acrobatics and eating fire on top of a suspended disco ball!


Thanks to Pep Start Eye Cream I was looking as revitalised as I felt when I left. It’s packed with seven peptides to help maintain collagen, plumping your skin and diminishing discolouration under your eyes. Pep Start Eye Cream will be available to buy in Spring and at £22 it’s a total bargain. It’s easy to apply and the ball makes it super easy to roll on without having to use your fingers. The biggest bonus, It made me look a lot more awake than I felt at 5:30am!

You can be part of the campaign too!

Are you ready for anything? Just tag your friends and share your adventure. Are you in? Tag your Instagram with #ImIn @CliniqueUK for your chance to win a fantastic experience.


Active wear available at Missguided

One thought

  1. I’ll need to try this eye cream, I’ve been using the Body Shops vitamin E under-eye cream for a little while but it’s more of a moisturiser!

    Ps. I love the colour of your active wear! Xx

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