Wearing Blue & Feeling Blue Too


Sunglasses – Ray Ban / Blouse (Out of Stock)- ASOS / Dungaree Dress – ASOS / Shoes – Forever21

Photos by Ryan Winterbotham 

Feeling blue might be an understatement. 25th June is Dylan’s birthday and the whole month’s hit me like a freight train. I’ve decided to take three weeks off from meetings and events and other general job things that involve leaving my house. I’d like to say it’s so I’d have time to relax and rest but really it’s because I feel like I’m completely fucking losing it. I’m scared to go to London for fear I’ll overhear someone saying something insensitive/ignorant on the tube and flip out before drowning in a puddle of my own tears.

I thought I’d take a break from blogging over these weeks too but if anything it’s actually made me want to blog more. Perhaps in a different way. A more personal way. I doubt I’ll be writing often and I doubt I’ll be writing essays but I think I’ll spend this time sharing a few of my more personal thoughts.


Today’s thought is this:

We don’t know what happens when we die. Some of us may believe in heaven, some reincarnation, some spiritualism. There’s no way to prove any of these beliefs right or wrong until we die ourselves.

So for sake of today’s thought let’s imagine none of them exist. There’s just as high a possibility that when we die there is nothing. If so, all we have is the time we are on this earth.

We are all, as humans, strikingly different yet strikingly similar. We all have different visions of our perfect life. But we all want to achieve that life.

Today’s thought is: Who the fuck are you to stand in the way of someone else’s one life?

Who are you to say that someone’s sexual orientation, race or religion mean that they don’t have the same right to spend their one life however the fuck they want.

How would you feel if someone decided you didn’t deserve to have the life you wanted? The job, the family, the partner.

For all we know we only have one chance to live the way we want. So please don’t ever rob someone else of that chance.



  1. August 1, 2016 / 4:16 am

    I hope you are feeling better, love. Personally, I believe in reincarnations. Perhaps it’s my Hindu beliefs. Or maybe it is just to not feel the pain of being departed from people I loved. In any way, your sentiment of letting people be is just too beautiful. If more people could just get this world would be so much more happier. Hope you’re feeling better now. XOXO

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