How to Curl and Wave Short Hair

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I’ve been working alongside Mark Hill to show you how to curl and wave short hair with the new Pick n Mix range.

The Pick n Mix handle has 5 different interchangeable barrels. This makes it the perfect gift idea, between family or friends you could buy someone the full set for their Birthday or Christmas, or build your collection over time.

I’m shocked by how affordable the range is. I’ve been using these products for two months now without knowing their RRP and I thought they would be a hell of a lot more expensive. Without sounding cliche they really are salon quality. The barrels heat up to 200 degrees in seconds and they’re ceramic coated to give your curls a much smoother finish. As if they weren’t enough of a bargain already, Boots are running an introductory offer, when you buy the handle you get the barrels half price!

I’ve created 4 quick tutorials to show you how to curl and wave short hair with the Pick n’ Mix range. We didn’t use the Medium Barrel because on short hair it creates a very similar effect to the Ellipse Wand.

You will need the Mark Hill Pick n’ Mix Handle (£14.99)  to create all of the looks below. The heat protection glove is included with the handle.



Mark Hill Pick n’ Mix – Small Barrel (£9.99)

Use the Small Barrel to create neat, glamorous curls. Be sure to use Heat Protection Spray to protect the hair. Finish the look with the Perfecting Polish to add shine and control any fly-aways.



Mark Hill Pick n’ Mix – Ellipse Barrel (£9.99)

Use the Ellipse Barrel to create subtle loose waves with lots of texture. This is the quickest and easiest look, perfect for before school or work. Don’t forget to use heat spray to protect your hair. Once you’ve finished curling spray your hair with Wonder Spray to create a more messy, textured look.



Mark Hill Pick n’ Mix – Wicked Waver Barrel (£9.99)

Use the Wicked Waver to create big, messy, voluminous waves.  The bubble barrel creates waves in a different way every time. When you’ve finished waving, run your fingers through to loosen it all up and apply Wonder Spray to add more texture.



Mark Hill Pick n’ Mix – Corkscrew Barrel (£9.99)

Last but certainly not least is the Corkscrew Barrel. This tiny 13mm barrel creates super tight springy curls, it’s practically a faux perm. It takes a little longer to create than the other looks because you need to take very small sections. If you have hair as short as mine you will need a helping hand to get the back tightly curled but, trust me, it will be worth it in the end! Don’t forget to apply heat spray to all sections before curling. Run your fingers through the curls when finished to loosen up and soften the look. Apply Anti Humidity Spray to tame any frizz and sweep the top over to one side to add more volume.


Don’t forget to subscribe to the Mark Hill Hair YouTube Channel to see more tutorials and see how to use the range on medium & long hair.

Let me know which is your favourite look!


This post is in collaboration with Mark Hill & Boots UK, all opinions are my own.  


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