3 Simple Steps to Ensure You Look Great in Every Outfit


Step One – Does it fit? 

If it’s too small or too big, forget it. Oversized works on some items: boyfriend shirts, baggy t-shirts, floaty dresses, big ol’ woolly jumpers, it’s all good. But it has to be oversized in the right way. If it should clench your waist but it doesn’t, it’s bound to be unflattering. If an item’s too small, making bulges in places they don’t belong and stopping you from being able to lift your arms up, it’s not a good look.

So, step one: make sure it fits.


Step Two – Do you feel comfortable?

This has long been my number one question when choosing an outfit. Nothing looks worse than constantly having to pick up your straps or tug on your riding-up skirt. Whatever you wear, make sure you can move. Make sure nothing feels restricted or uncomfortable. Obviously, we can’t always be baggy t-shirt and trackies comfortable, sometimes we have to wear figure hugging dresses and heels, but just make sure you can walk in those heels without looking like a horse doing a Spanish Walk.

Spanish Walk Horse Gif


Step Three – Do you feel confident?

Confidence is key. When you look in the mirror do you feel good? Feeling confident in what you wear will make you happier, it will make you stand tall and it will make you walk with a spring in your step.

If you can say yes to these three questions, I can guarantee, you will look great.

Shot by Ryan Winterbotham

Dress – Magali Pascal / Shoes – Forever 21 / Bag – Zadig & Voltaire / Sunglasses – Rayban / Rope Belt – Forever 21 / Name Coin Necklace – Bethany Joy London / Karma Necklace – Lily Who / Long Pendant Necklace – Katie Mullally Silver



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