The Downside to Blogging



There are a few downsides to blogging but there’s one that hits me the hardest. In fact, it’s not just a downside to blogging but to almost all freelance careers.

I feel so lucky to have made a career out of my hobby. The only problem is, it’s so bloody lonely. 

I might have the freedom to go where I want when I want, but my friends, my family, and my boyfriend don’t.



I’ve made a lot of friends in the industry and they are always a click away on my phone but all live at least an hour from me.

There are events and travels but these interactions take up such a small percent of the job. A lot of a bloggers time is spent at home, or at a coffee shop, on your own with your laptop as your only companion.

It’s so difficult to meet new people once you’re out of education. Especially when you work alone.

The only thing I miss about having a “proper job” is the people.




So here’s my savior, Bumble. I started using the Bumble app 5 months ago and I absolutely love it.

I was feeling so down and lonely, it got me thinking “Why isn’t there an app where you can find people who live near you who are just looking for friends?” So I opened up Google, started searching, and Voila! Bumble popped up.

Bumble is a dating app but unlike any other, once you’ve downloaded, you can switch to “Bumble BFF” instead.

I downloaded the app, set up my profile, and two days later I was having a coffee with a new friend.



The app is super simple to use. Once you’ve set up your profile you can choose the age range of the friends you’re searching for and their distance.

The Bumble Hive shows you all of your options. You can see 6 photos of a person, how far away they are and read their bio, then swipe right if you want to connect with them. If it’s a match you have 24 hours to start a conversation.

Download the app on iPhoneiPhone or Android

If you’re free in the daytime, live near Guildford, and enjoy drinking coffee and reading books, I think you might just be my new BFF.


 This post is in collaboration with Bumble, all opinions are my own. 



  1. October 23, 2016 / 4:25 pm

    This sounds like a lovely idea, I don’t freelance, but sometimes I feel lonely as not having many close friends it gets hard when people are at work and your not timetabled for university! I’d love to meet new people!

  2. November 27, 2016 / 1:46 pm

    I think you may have just saved me and my sanity. We moved near Guildford coming up to 2 years now and I think I’m in love. Also being a Mother is kind of lonely and I have just taken up blogging so that adds another layer of loneliness even though it comes with incredible amounts of creative freedom. I’m always drinking dairy-free coffee and talking to anyone that will talk and inspire me!
    Love your blog Chloe. The honesty is refreshing.

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