LFW Less is More

Coat – All Saints / Blazer – Unique 21 / Jeans – Joe’s Jeans / Shoes – Public Desire

Another LFW has come and gone. In the blink of an eye, as always. This year I decided to strip it back a little, go to less shows and try to enjoy myself a bit more rather than manically running around stressing myself out. I’ve noticed I’m not the only one who took this approach this season. It was so refreshing only going to the shows I was desperate to see. It helped to bring back that excitement I feel has been lost in many of us bloggers. It all too often can become a competition. Who has the most shows and the best seats but ultimately LFW is the pinnacle of ‘less is more’.

Folli FollieBag, Watch, FF Bracelet, Blossom Bracelet, Round Bracelet

I decided to take this approach with my outfits too. It’s all too easy to slip into the trap of wearing something far out of your comfort zone at Fashion Week but this year I wanted to make my comfort zone my priority. I was a little more adventurous than my every-day looks, sure, but in terms of fit and style I was uncompromising.

Folli FollieNecklace, Ring

Instead of going way out, I took my favourite every-day items and gave them a twist. Black jeans with a micro flare instead of my usual skinny’s. Black boots with a higher heel than my normal choice but still incredibly comfortable. And of course, the classic blazer I love so much but this time in a deep red to match that gorgeous Folli Follie bag. Topped off with some rose gold accessories from Folli Follie’s Fashionably Rose collection.

This was my most calm and comfortable Fashion Week yet, I will definitely be applying the ‘less is more’ mentality to future seasons.

This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Folli Follie. All opinions are all my own. 



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