Changing the Way I Blog

Sweater – Mango / Jumpsuit – ASOS

For a long time, I’ve felt uninspired with blogging. The industry has changed a lot since I started. The fact it’s now referred to as an industry is evidence of that.

When I first started blogging it was just to share outfits and products and thoughts, little snippets of daily life. Then something changed and that’s where I struggled. It seems that now blogs are becoming increasingly more editorial. Posts are long and magazine-like and it put a pressure on me (and I’m sure many others) to up our word counts. I started to feel that this was the way it was going and therefore the way I had to be too. The reality is, I don’t always have a lot to say. There are occasions, often inspired by grief or world events, where I can sit and passionately write a thousand words without repetition but they are just that, occasional. I felt so much pressure to make every post editorial length and the words just wouldn’t come so I wouldn’t post at all. This year I’m making a change to the way I blog. I’m not going to let myself feel pressured to write masses every time I post and this will hopefully lead to me posting here more often.

Don’t get me wrong, I admire the editorial content bloggers create and God knows how they come up with so much so often but it’s not for me. I often read blog posts and find myself skipping a lot of the text because it seems to have been written just to fill a word count (school flashbacks). I don’t want my posts to come across like that. I want them to be short and sweet and above all else, useful. If the only useful information I have for you on that day is the outfit details, that’s all I’m going to write. We’re all short on time and I don’t want to be the one to waste yours.



  1. Okay, this outfit is INCREDIBLE! But also, I totally relate this! When I first began blogging I’d just post about the outfit I was wearing, but now I love to write about important topics and creative writing with a bit more substance! I found my writing before hand to be boring and I think you’ve got to to enjoy your own writing. If you simply only want to chat about the clothes in your post then that’s fab, because it’s what YOU want to do. It doesn’t matter the length of the post or the topic really – as long as you enjoy creating it. There’s so much pressure to constantly be churning out amazing content but as long as you’re happy with what you put out there, then who cares! Xx

  2. March 16, 2017 / 3:09 pm

    Hello, Chloe,
    Your awesome outfits have influenced me to create a platform for fashion tips from the internet’s most stylish, and I’ve shared a piece of your advice! If you have some time, could you please answer a few questions from your fans and give them some advice to be more stylish? Thank you!

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