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Do you live in Farnborough? Or Aldershot, Farnham, Frimley, Fleet, Camberley, Guildford? Anywhere near? Ringing a bell?

If so, you might want to head to the Parity charity shop in Farnborough (View on Map).


Parity is a fantastic local charity that has been running day services for disabled children and adults for over 25 years.

When a disabled child reaches 18 years old or leaves full time education the amount of support they receive reduces drastically.

My brother, Dylan, would have been 20 this year and would have left full time education. One of the greatest concerns for my parents was what would happen when he did leave school. Where would he go? What could he do on a daily basis that would keep him as stimulated and entertained as school had?

Parity was started by parents who had exactly the same concerns and for who there were no continuation services at the time. They started running Parity from a scout hut and have worked tirelessly over the last 25 years to expand the charity and provide for as many people as possible, and now have three day centers in the local area.

Unfortunately like all charities of this kind there is very limited official funding so they rely heavily on fundraising and their three charity shops to meet their £170,000 a year running cost.

We chose to support them because a lot of Dylan’s friends who he grew up with and went through school with now use Parity and it makes us happy to know that it would have been there for him too.

Earlier this week I donated a whole load of my wardrobe to the Parity shop in Farnborough. When I say a load I mean a loaaaaaadd. Seriously, I donated more than I kept. There is everything from barely worn clothes, brand new clothes with labels, bikinis, lace bras, active wear, shoes, bags, hats, makeup, jewellery, the works!

All of the clothes are on white hangers with a (very dated) business card attached so they should be easy to find.

All of the items below have been donated and many more so if you’re nearby pop in and grab yourself a bargain!


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