The title isn’t click bait, I really am shaving my hair off. But don’t worry, it’s not a Britney 2007 incident.

I’m shaving my hair off, on Saturday 2nd September (Two weeks today!), to help my lovely friend Enzo raise the £30,000 he needs for Stem Cell Treatment.


This is Enzo, he’s 4 years old (nearly 5!). Enzo was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy when he was only a few months old. You might be wondering how we became friends so I’ll give you a little background.

My little brother, Dylan, was severely disabled, he had Wolf Hirschhorn Syndrome, a rare genetic disorder. About a year after Dylan died I decided to volunteer through a charity that had supported Dylan and my family, called Sebastians Action Trust, to help support a local family with a disabled child. This support could have been anything from helping with shopping to basic household chores or being a playmate, whatever the family preferred. I was paired with Enzo and his family and honestly, the Trust couldn’t have picked a better match. I very quickly fell in love with Enzo’s cheeky personality (and handsome face of course) and instantly clicked with Enzo’s mum, Caroline. I actually only visited once through the charity before we exchanged numbers and for the last two years I’ve been welcomed as a family friend instead of a volunteer.

DSC00835.jpgI feel so lucky to be able to watch Enzo and his little brother Luca grow and develop. I volunteered to help Enzo and his family but I think they’ve actually been the ones helping me. When Dylan passed away I had no one to be silly for, no one to entertain and interact with in the way that I’d known for my whole life with D. Becoming such great friends with Enzo has helped me so much with my grieving process and helped me to keep hold of that silliness. So when Caroline and Enzo’s dad, Dan, told me they wanted to do a second round of Stem Cell treatment I desperately wanted to find a way to help them fundraise.

When I was about seven or eight years old I heard about someone shaving their head for charity and I decided that if Dylan ever needed money raised I would shave my hair off for him. Unfortunately when Dylan got ill there was nothing I could do, there was no treatment and no amount of money could have helped him.

I’ve seen first hand the effect that the first round of Stem Cell Treatment had on Enzo, his progress was incredible to watch. There is of course no guarantee that the second round will have the same effect but if it does it could improve Enzo’s quality of life drastically and hopefully lead to him living independently when he’s older. I knew straight away that I wanted to shave my hair for Enz, for a chance at a better quality of life for such a kind and funny boy, and I know Dylan would want me to.


Please sponsor whatever you can on the fundraising page and help to share and raise awareness with the hashtag #EnzosStemCellAppeal

I will be shaving my head at a local pub, The William Cobbett, in Farnham. With the help of the lovely landlady and staff we will be hosting a fundraiser from 3pm on Saturday 2nd September. If you live nearby come down for a lovely day full of fun and of course to watch me get the chop!

Please RSVP on the Facebook Event Page so we know how many people to expect. And don’t worry if you live too far away or can’t make it, I will be streaming my shave live on Facebook and Instagram!



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