A Cinderella Story in Collaboration with Selfridges

This is a paid post in collaboration with Selfridges. 


With Christmas around the corner, Cinderella had searched high and low for the perfect party dress. She was about to give up hope when she stumbled upon Selfridges and feasted her eyes on their grand selection of designer evening dresses.

Before long she found the most beautiful Self-Portrait gown, fit for a Princess! It was straight in her basket and on its way with next-day delivery. She was sure she would be the belle of the ball.


Cinders packed her dress and headed to Paris for the first Christmas ball of the season.

 As she entered the courtyard of The Hoxton Hotel all eyes were on her. Her dress fitted like a glove and she could feel the Christmas magic in the air, she couldn’t help thinking tonight would be a night to remember.

Selfridges Self Portrait Dress

Cinders found a chair and made herself comfortable, with no idea what the night had in store.

Selfridges Self-Portrait Cinderella

 Maybe it was her lucky red pants, or maybe it was the designer dress, but something had worked in her favour because Prince Charming came straight over and asked her for a dance.

Self-Portrait Crochet Lace Dress

They danced and swayed all around the beautiful courtyard, it felt like they were the only two people on earth.

But then…

Self-Portrait Selfridges

 From Cinderella’s pocket her phone started to buzz and beep!



“Oh, no!” she exclaimed, “I have to go!”

For if Cinders didn’t post to Instagram now she would never beat this damned algorithm.

Selfridges Self Portrait Back Dress

She ran as fast as she could…

Selfridges Azealea Dress

…through the lobby and up the stairs.



Prince Charming ran in after her but it was too late, Cinders was gone.

But wait… what’s this?

Selfridges Suit

 Cinderella’s shoe!

“I know!” thought Prince Charming, “I’ll search the hotel for the woman with UK Size 5 feet, I’m sure there will only be one…”



Meanwhile, Cinderella was back in her room trying to think of a caption that’s both engaging and witty. This could take a while.

“Maybe I’ll just use a load of emoji’s instead.” thought Cinders.

Self-Portrait Azealea Dress Details

 Prince Charming continued to search up and down the hotel, knocking door to door, but he had no luck.

 Little did he know, Cinders had headed to Jacques Bar for another tipple.

Selfridges Self-Portrait Christmas Dress

 “When did I lose my shoe?” thought Cinders, “I must have had a few too many Mojito’s. Time to call it a night.”

She headed back to her room with her remaining shoe in hand.

Selfridges Designer Evening Dress

 As fate would have it, the night wasn’t over just yet.

Prince Charming had the same idea.


 And it was right there in the lobby by some Christmas miracle, the stars aligned.

Self-Portrait Designer Evening Dress

And, well, you know the rest.

Selfridges Self-Portrait Evening Dress

~The End~



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