My High Street Love Affair

This is a paid post in collaboration with Reserved. All opinions are my own.


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 My love affair with High Street stores developed when I was in my early teens and hasn’t stopped since. When I first took an interest in clothes the High Street was my only option (low end High Street at that), and new clothes were a Christmas/Birthday kind of occasion. That’s the way it was until I got my first job at Domino’s Pizza for £4 an hour. I started at 16, while I was finishing my GCSE’s, and received my first paycheck in the Summer before starting college. By this point dirt-cheap online retailers were all the rage, I spent the majority of my pay on new clothes for college. These brands were ideal while I was at college and uni because my income was tight. They were so cheap, and it really showed in the quality, but I never minded because the items were all under £10 I would only wear most things once or twice. This type of excess buying makes me feel ill now, but I think it’s very common for students. Luckily when I left education I left that shopping habit behind.

When I finished uni I started working more so I had a bit more in my back pocket, it was around this time I really got back into shopping on the High Street. Novelty items from budget online retailers that would only last a couple of wears weren’t tickling my pickle anymore.

Over the last few years I’ve been championing the High Street again. It may seem silly to anyone who had a little more to play with growing up, but I still get so excited to be able to shop in the mid-range stores I dreamt about as a teenager, and occasionally High-End High Street too.



Reserved is new to the British High Street this year and it has kicked up a storm. It’s clear to see why. The clothes and accessories are constantly on trend, hats off to the buying team. I have a solid 70% of the website in my wishlist. The price point is what I would consider Mid-Range High Street, and the quality of the items I have received from them is tip-top. I could rave about this brand until the cows come home. It has become one of my go-to’s for online shopping. Delivery is speedy (and free when you spend over £30). I really have no complaints.



Although their items are very much on trend, they seem to have a fantastic eye for classic styles. The brand has captured the hearts of many of my favourite bloggers & Instagrammers too, even those with minimalistic style. Seeing so many of my faves wearing Reserved really is a testament to their versatility and quality.

Reserved are definitely one to watch in 2018!



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