Saying Goodbye to Bath


We left our little apartment in Bath on the 2nd March. I wanted to update you all properly at the time but I got ill the day we left and only managed to leave the house three times in the three weeks following. I can’t believe a whole month has passed, our two months in Bath flew too, this year seems supersonic.

Typically, the day we left was the day after the “Beast from the East” arrived. My parents came up in the minibus to help haul our stuff (ok, ok.. mainly just my stuff) home, and it’s a good job they did because my poor little Perry the Peugeot was frozen solid. So we left Perry at the station and Sam and I laid in the back of the minibus surrounded by boxes for the two hour journey home- definitely legal.

We hoped Perry would be ok when the weather warmed up a bit. Mum and dad wen’t back to get him a few days later but he didn’t make it, R.I.P.

I appreciate my affection towards, and personification of, my fourteen year old Peugeot 206 may be a bit much but we had it for 7 years, I learned to drive in it, passed my test in it (ehem.. second time..), it was my first car so even though it was only worth £30 scrap, I loved it. I loved Perry so much in fact that I’ve just got a replacement that’s exactly the same. Well it’s actually two years older, lol, but more on that love affair soon.



Bath was a great change of pace. I felt lost and a bit stuck and the end of last year, I didn’t know what I wanted I just knew something needed to change and I’m very grateful I was in a position to change it- even if only temporarily.

It was so nice to have our own space for the first time, and surprisingly I didn’t miss home too much. Our apartment was perfect, so beautifully decorated and right in the center. The apartment we stayed in is an Airbnb so if you’re planning a trip to Bath you should definitely check it out!

Workwise, Bath was great. It’s such a beautiful city, creating content was so easy and living right in the city center gave me a reason to get up and shoot every day.

But I don’t miss it. I’m glad we went and I enjoyed our time there but I can’t see myself living there. It’s inspired me to explore living in more cities around Europe, and the break from London has made me really miss it. I’ve been in London a lot over the last week and it’s feeling inspiring to me again. I’m happy to be home.


(Bath City Guide coming soon!)



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