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If you’re anything like me, September has you aching for organisation. You still get that ‘back to school’ feeling, the excitement of getting down Ryman’s to stock up on new pens and pencils and ALL THE NOTEBOOKS, with the promise of an organised year (more often than not it ends up being an organised week but hey-ho). My adult version of this is organising my wardrobe.

September is looming and I’ve got the itch. I want all the Summer stuff packed down and replaced with knitwear galore. But it seems the weather has other ideas. Although it has created somewhat of an organising slump, I’m glad Summer is holding on a little longer.

This period between Summer and Autumn can often feel uninspiring, the shops are selling off all the Summer leftovers and the real juicy Autumn clothes haven’t been dropped yet. But the good news is this transitional period is the perfect time to BUY NOTHING. Yep, that’s what I said.

So what do you do for the next few weeks?

My best advice is a plain and simple Pic’n’Mix. The best way to nail transitional style is to simply create outfits that are half Summer half Autumn. Write a list of your go-to items for Summer & Autumn. For example:



Then simply pick one from Summer and one from Autumn et voilà, you have a perfect transitional outfit. Here are a few super easy examples.


Swap a t-shirt for a cardigan. 


 Don’t pack away your Summer trousers just yet, jumpers go surprisingly well with a floaty leg. 


 Slip on a thin knit to get more wear out of your favourite Summer dresses and jumpsuits. 


Write your own list of essentials and have a go! You’ll be surprised how a little reshuffle can bring old items to life. It’s a great way to rework items you’ve been neglecting, and save some pennies.


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rust knitwear
rust sweater


check 3
check blazer
check 2



oversized turtleneck
turtle neck big



cord rust jacket
sand cords
white and rust



white trousers
two suits
cord trousers



rust layers







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More Striped Jumpsuits




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The Sunshine’s back (and hopefully to stay this time) so I’ve been assessing my Summer wardrobe and searching for items to fill a few gaps I’ve found.

Here’s a collection of highstreet pieces I’ve got my eye on, focusing on Summer classics that never go out of style: light and earthy colours, simple silhouettes, raw hems, satin and straw.





24th October 2017 was the third anniversary of Dylan’s death. I wanted to write an update for you all but to be completely honest it was a real shitter of a year and from October until now has been the toughest since Dylan died.


This post is late partly because I didn’t feel up to writing it, but also because three years sounds like such a long time I wasn’t prepared to see it written down.

It feels like a lifetime since I last saw D, but at the same time it feels like for the last three years I’ve been going fast-forward on VHS- I kind of know what happened but it’s all a bit blurry and I’m not really sure how I got from that point to now.

I’m scared to admit that I’m struggling more than ever. The more time goes on the more people expect me to be ok, the more pressure I feel to be feeling better, for the day-to-day to be easier and it’s not. I’ve been hesitant to say it because I don’t want any of you who are grieving to feel like it won’t get better, grief is so wildly different for everyone. I started writing these posts almost as a yearly log of my grief, and I feel I should continue to write them whether that year has been just about bearable or downright awful.


Every day is still a struggle.


If you haven’t lost someone so close to you, it’s hard to imagine when someone says they think about someone every day. It seems like it’s just one of those cliche things people say, and before you’ve experienced it you might get a fleeting thought of ‘surely not EVERY day’.

It’s not a cliche, it’s true.

Dylan was as big a part of my life as I am, there are so many things that remind me of him. Every song I sang to him. Every song we listened to together. Every song we played at his funeral. The park. The beach. My dogs. A wheelchair. A buggy. Anything monkey related. The smell of that Hollister aftershave he put on before the community nurse he had a crush on came over. Gingernut biscuits, drumsticks and blackjacks. The list is never-ending.

Imagine a day where you don’t hear, see, smell, or taste something that reminds you of someone you love. Then believe me when I say not a single day goes by.



I feel numb and lost.


That’s all I feel I can say right now but hopefully things will get better soon.

Sending you all lots of love.