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24th October 2017 was the third anniversary of Dylan’s death. I wanted to write an update for you all but to be completely honest it was a real shitter of a year and from October until now has been the toughest since Dylan died.


This post is late partly because I didn’t feel up to writing it, but also because three years sounds like such a long time I wasn’t prepared to see it written down.

It feels like a lifetime since I last saw D, but at the same time it feels like for the last three years I’ve been going fast-forward on VHS- I kind of know what happened but it’s all a bit blurry and I’m not really sure how I got from that point to now.

I’m scared to admit that I’m struggling more than ever. The more time goes on the more people expect me to be ok, the more pressure I feel to be feeling better, for the day-to-day to be easier and it’s not. I’ve been hesitant to say it because I don’t want any of you who are grieving to feel like it won’t get better, grief is so wildly different for everyone. I started writing these posts almost as a yearly log of my grief, and I feel I should continue to write them whether that year has been just about bearable or downright awful.


Every day is still a struggle.


If you haven’t lost someone so close to you, it’s hard to imagine when someone says they think about someone every day. It seems like it’s just one of those cliche things people say, and before you’ve experienced it you might get a fleeting thought of ‘surely not EVERY day’.

It’s not a cliche, it’s true.

Dylan was as big a part of my life as I am, there are so many things that remind me of him. Every song I sang to him. Every song we listened to together. Every song we played at his funeral. The park. The beach. My dogs. A wheelchair. A buggy. Anything monkey related. The smell of that Hollister aftershave he put on before the community nurse he had a crush on came over. Gingernut biscuits, drumsticks and blackjacks. The list is never-ending.

Imagine a day where you don’t hear, see, smell, or taste something that reminds you of someone you love. Then believe me when I say not a single day goes by.



I feel numb and lost.


That’s all I feel I can say right now but hopefully things will get better soon.

Sending you all lots of love.




A combination of my own recommendations, from 2 months living in Bath City Center, and recommendations from friends and readers I didn’t have the chance to try myself.


Where To Stay

My Recommendations:


Airbnb Apartment

We stayed in this apartment for our full two months in Bath. Located in the city center, a five to ten minute walk from Bath Abbey, The Roman Baths, The Circus and The Royal Crescent. It’s beautifully decorated, ideal for short or long stays, and has a full kitchen if you wish to cook for yourself. Perfect for groups, sleeps up to 6 adults.



Grove Lodge

A beautifully decorated luxurious B&B, offering three themed suites (Georgian Suite pictured below). A five minute drive from the City center, with private off-road parking. Sam and I stayed here for our anniversary in 2016- It’s the perfect place for a special occasion, especially if you’re looking to stay somewhere quieter and more private.

The owners, Mary & Giovanni, are very welcoming and have lots of great recommendations for seasonal events and lesser known gems in Bath.



The Gainsborough Bath Spa

The Gainsborough Bath Spa is a five star hotel with an award-winning spa. We stayed here early last year, for work rather than pleasure so unfortunately we didn’t get to explore very much. We did pop down to the spa briefly and I would love to visit again. It’s a short walk from Bath Spa train station, and has valet parking (at an extra cost). They offer spa days, stays, and treatments. It’s the perfect place to stay if you’re looking for luxury and relaxation in the very city center.





Things To See And Do


My Recommendations:

The Royal Crescent

The Circus (Above, left)

Bath Abbey

You can climb the steps to the top of Bath Abbey (weather permitting) for the most stunning views over Bath.

The Roman Baths 

Fascinating. A must-see for Bath tourists.

Victoria Art Gallery 

A free public gallery, a great place to learn more about Bath’s history.

Crazy Golf, Victoria Park 

Very fun, highly recommend. 

Margaret’s Buildings 

A narrow lane of independent shops and cafe’s between The Circus & The Royal Crescent

Pulteney Bridge

A beautiful tourist sight over the River Avon. Cross the bridge to walk down picturesque Great Pulteney Street to The Holburne Museum, or stay city side and take a wander down into the Parade Gardens.


Recommended to Me:

Thermae Bath Spa 

Bath Fashion Museum

Pug & Puffin

The Jane Austen Museum

San Francisco Fudge Factory

Theatre Royal




Tea & Coffee – Cafe’s / Light Bites


My Recommendations:

Hunter & Sons

Great for brunch. (Vegetarian & Vegan food options – plant milks available.)

Society Cafe (Vegetarian food options – plant milks available.)

The Kingsmead Kitchen

Great for breakfast. (Vegetarian & Vegan food options – plant milks available.)


Recommended to Me:

Adventure Cafe

Boston Tea Party

Burano Cafe, Brissi


Colonna Coffee

Chapel Arts Cafe

Emily’s Tea Room, Francis Hotel

Mokoko (We tried Mokoko but the coffee wasn’t to our taste, still worth a try if you’re a coffee lover!)





Where To Eat


My Recommendations:

Beyond The Kale Open 8:30am – 7pm 

Completely Vegetarian / Vegan with gluten free options too. The food is delicious, I couldn’t recommend it more. Great for lunch. 

The Cornish Bakery – For Lunch

Delicious pasties and pastries, great service and prices. Opposite The Roman Baths, perfect if you’re in a rush or on the go. (Vegetarian options available)

DoughLunch & Dinner

My highest recommendation for dinner, if you’re only in Bath for one night you should go here. They offer a wide variety of pizza bases, including gluten free, and have lots of Vegetarian & Vegan options – they even have Vegan cheese! The perfect place if you have a mix of meat eaters and veggies. The owner is the most entertaining and charismatic host.

Framptons – All Day

Right by Pulteney Bridge, a great place for lunch or dinner. (Vegetarian & Vegan options available)

Bistrot Pierre – Lunch & Dinner

A chain that seems to be everywhere in Britain apart from the South-East. The food is good, the service is fantastic, and it’s really affordable. (Vegetarian options available)

Thai Basil Restaurant – Lunch & Dinner

Really tasty, you can eat in or order on Deliveroo if you fancy a takeaway. (Vegetarian options available)


Recommended to Me:

Aqua – Lunch & Dinner

Corkage – Lunch (Fridays and Saturdays only) & Dinner Tuesday-Saturday

Cosy Club – Lunch & Dinner 

The Eastern Eye – Lunch & Dinner

Ole Tapas – Lunch & Dinner

Sotto Sotto – Lunch & Dinner

Yak Yeti Yak – Lunch & Dinner




This is a paid post in collaboration with Selfridges. 


With Christmas around the corner, Cinderella had searched high and low for the perfect party dress. She was about to give up hope when she stumbled upon Selfridges and feasted her eyes on their grand selection of designer evening dresses.

Before long she found the most beautiful Self-Portrait gown, fit for a Princess! It was straight in her basket and on its way with next-day delivery. She was sure she would be the belle of the ball.


Cinders packed her dress and headed to Paris for the first Christmas ball of the season.

 As she entered the courtyard of The Hoxton Hotel all eyes were on her. Her dress fitted like a glove and she could feel the Christmas magic in the air, she couldn’t help thinking tonight would be a night to remember.

Selfridges Self Portrait Dress

Cinders found a chair and made herself comfortable, with no idea what the night had in store.

Selfridges Self-Portrait Cinderella

 Maybe it was her lucky red pants, or maybe it was the designer dress, but something had worked in her favour because Prince Charming came straight over and asked her for a dance.

Self-Portrait Crochet Lace Dress

They danced and swayed all around the beautiful courtyard, it felt like they were the only two people on earth.

But then…

Self-Portrait Selfridges

 From Cinderella’s pocket her phone started to buzz and beep!



“Oh, no!” she exclaimed, “I have to go!”

For if Cinders didn’t post to Instagram now she would never beat this damned algorithm.

Selfridges Self Portrait Back Dress

She ran as fast as she could…

Selfridges Azealea Dress

…through the lobby and up the stairs.



Prince Charming ran in after her but it was too late, Cinders was gone.

But wait… what’s this?

Selfridges Suit

 Cinderella’s shoe!

“I know!” thought Prince Charming, “I’ll search the hotel for the woman with UK Size 5 feet, I’m sure there will only be one…”



Meanwhile, Cinderella was back in her room trying to think of a caption that’s both engaging and witty. This could take a while.

“Maybe I’ll just use a load of emoji’s instead.” thought Cinders.

Self-Portrait Azealea Dress Details

 Prince Charming continued to search up and down the hotel, knocking door to door, but he had no luck.

 Little did he know, Cinders had headed to Jacques Bar for another tipple.

Selfridges Self-Portrait Christmas Dress

 “When did I lose my shoe?” thought Cinders, “I must have had a few too many Mojito’s. Time to call it a night.”

She headed back to her room with her remaining shoe in hand.

Selfridges Designer Evening Dress

 As fate would have it, the night wasn’t over just yet.

Prince Charming had the same idea.


 And it was right there in the lobby by some Christmas miracle, the stars aligned.

Self-Portrait Designer Evening Dress

And, well, you know the rest.

Selfridges Self-Portrait Evening Dress

~The End~





I cannot believe it was a whole two months ago that I made my donation to Parity, the time has flown!

I was so overwhelmed by your response. The ladies at Parity told me some of you had travelled hours and there was a queue all the way out the front door! We managed to raise over £1,000 in just two days!

So many of you messaged me showing me the bargains you picked up and I can’t even begin to express how happy it made me. Not only that you found items you love but that in doing so you helped to support such a great charity.

So I just couldn’t help myself! I popped back into Parity today and donated a whole load more. All of my Autumn/Winter pieces that aren’t getting enough attention from me. Some of them are brand new, some worn once or twice but they’re all in excellent condition. There are more clothes, shoes, bags and accessories!

As before, the clothes are on wire hangers with a (very dated) business card attached so they should be easy to find.

All of the items pictured have been donated and many more so if you’re nearby pop in and grab yourself a bargain, they will all be ready and waiting tomorrow!


Parity for Disability
69 Camp Rd
GU14 6EP


Find out more about Parity and why I chose to donate to them in my previous post



Photos by Michaela Tornaritis 



On Saturday 2nd September I shaved my hair at a local pub to help raise the £30,000 Enzo needs for Stem-Cell Treatment.

On the day we managed to raise an incredible £672.69!

I’d like to say a massive thank you to The William Cobbett for hosting our event. Thanks to all of my friends and family who helped out so much on the day, there’s no way I could have raised so much without you. Thank you to Michaela for travelling all the way to document the day. And a huge thank you to everyone who came and donated so very generously.

Added to our Just Giving page it brings our current total to over £5,000!!

All that’s left to say is a massive thank you to all of you who have helped to share our fundraising page, for all of your donations, and for your continued lovely messages and support.

Our page is still open until 1st December so please continue to share and donate whatever you can!


Lots of love,

Chloe xx